How We Went from Broke Backpackers to Six-Figure Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.
Our story doesn’t really begin during our whirlwind romance when we first met in Vietnam. Nor does it begin in any of the other exotic countries we’ve traveled to. 

Our story begins in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines because this is where we found ourselves a year after we fell in love and met. 

I remember that day so clearly. I (Anna) was driving home from work, stuck in the horrendous traffic that Manila was known for. I’ve been stuck in more or less the same area for almost an hour, with nothing but the heat glaring down at me.

With nothing else to do, my mind started wandering. How did we get here? 

How did we go from having the time of our lives backpacking around the world (photo below on left), to being stuck back in the same routine of a 9-5 job and daily traffic? (photo below on right)
The regimented routine, bosses that sucked, traffic (oh my god, the traffic!) and just the soul-sucking feeling of spinning in a hamster wheel with no direction. 

As much as we wanted to go traveling again, I was flat broke. 

I spent SIX years saving up to travel and after backpacking the world for a year, I went back to the Philippines and spent the last of my money on a Master’s Degree.

Tom, who I met at the end of my trip had worked as a waiter in the UK for years to save up enough money, and although he technically still had enough funds to last him a few months, he decided to follow me to the Philippines.

After months of grinding it out day by day, I knew something had to change. 

Earlier that day, during my lunch break, I was on my phone when I stumbled upon an article of a travel blogger making $5000 a month from their blog…all WHILE traveling. 

I was dumbfounded! 

How was that even possible? At that time, we had no idea people could even make money online! 

The more I thought about it while stuck in the traffic jam, the more I was convinced that we should do it.

When I finally got home, I rushed into our apartment, yelling Tom’s name saying…

“I’ve got it all figured out. We should start a travel blog.”

Tom looks at me confusedly and said…”What’s a blog?"

Our First (FAILED) Attempt at Blogging
Despite not knowing about the exact ins and outs of how to actually make money from a blog, we decided to start one anyways. 

We spent every free time that we had (which wasn’t many) to start our blog, Adventure in You. 

At that time, Tom didn’t even own a laptop so he would sit in this dingy internet cafe which was infested with mosquitos, watching YouTube videos on Wordpress and how to build a blog.

Despite our 9-5 jobs, driving to and from work, and my coursework for my master’s degree, the very first version of Adventure in You was born. 

Because we were both overly eager (and admittedly a bit naive), we quit our jobs, packed our backpacks and set off with the idea that we would support ourselves with our blog. 

All we knew that we had to pursue our passion and at least try to escape our mundane 9-5 life. 

The thing is...we HAD NO CLUE what we were doing. 

We read articles, joined a lot of free Facebook groups and followed whatever advice was out there. 

At that time, I had read that I had to consistently publish content so I went on a blog writing frenzy, publishing 2-4 articles every week. 

I didn’t really know what SEO was so we simply wrote...and wrote...and wrote. 

Surely as we write, the readers would just keep coming?

After a good a year or so, although our blog was consistently growing, we still weren’t making any money. 

In fact, I was probably down to my last $400.

We were getting frustrated. We have both put so much time and effort into this project.

Out of desperation to keep hustling at our business, we headed to Chiang Mai, Thailand to work on the blog. 

From Blog to Business
It was during our time in Chaing Mai, Thailand where we met tons of people who were crushing it in the online world.

Until then, we had only met a few bloggers and travelers who were all struggling and broke like us. 

All of a sudden, our eyes were opened to the power of digital marketing. We pooled together whatever money that we had left and started investing it in our blog. 

We took courses, joined masterminds and found mentors who helped transform our business. 

All of a sudden, instead of just shooting around in the dark, hoping we would make money, we started strategizing. We created a proper business plan and started testing what was working and what wasn’t.

At that time, we surrounded ourselves with people who taught us about SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, etc. 

All of a sudden, we started seeing our blog grow. 

We went from barely making $1500 a month, which between two people isn’t a lot, to all of sudden making $5000-8000 per month.

We couldn’t believe it. 

Did our dream of finally earning money while traveling actually come true? 

We carried on traveling the world, living in 3 different continents all while working on our blog. 

Soon, we started earning $10,000, $16,000 and then over $25,000 a month….just from our BLOG.

The Blogging Fast Lane
Coming from the Philippines where I had to spend six years just to save up enough money to travel, now, thanks to our blog, I was making more in a month than what I would make in a YEAR as a teacher.

Blogging has changed our lives which is why we’re so passionate about it.

As our income and blog traffic started to grow very fast, other people started noticing us. Fellow bloggers who we met on the road were in awe at how quickly we were growing. 

We met bloggers who have been in the game for 5-8 years and were making less than we were after 3 years.

At that time, we were through the moon that we have figured out a way to monetize our blog and truly wanted to help as many people as we could. 

We replied to every single message we got from people asking for advice. We got on a lot of Skype calls with people, and just generally tried to help as much as we could.

We soon found ourselves running workshops and coaching a few people advising them on the same strategies that we were using to grow our blog. 

After identifying that the first thing most people struggle with is actually setting up their blog, we decided to start a free group which we now see as the first version of the Blogging Fast Lane to help as many people as we could. 

The response to this was awesome, instantly getting us hooked on helping people get clarity as they form a vision for their blogs. 

We received tons of great feedback from people and the next step was to now help them start making money... so they too can start profiting from their passions.

Although we had managed to build a successful blog in under three years, we did waste almost TWO YEARS of our life trying to “figure it out”. 

While I want to save you from all the gory details, the figuring out phase was a difficult period for us. We constantly felt lost, we were working tirelessly, and I was essentially perpetually broke.

We had no direction and no vision for our blog and were a few meltdowns away from quitting!

If we can avoid people going through that...we would be happy!

This was when we decided to create our online course, the Blogging Fast Lane which we tested out with a beta group. 

Soon, we started to see amazing results from our students.

Some of our students had articles that have gone viral, some started tripling their traffic, some started getting paid press trips...but above all, people were growing their blogs and their incomes FAST.
Our Dream Life
Today, we choose to travel the world, while setting up a home base in a country for 3-6 months at a time. 

Although we work hard, we work when we want to and often take 2-3 weeks off to travel.

Thanks to our blog, we get to live life on our terms.

No more sitting in traffic jams for 3 hours every day. No more working in jobs that left us exhausted and tired. 

Although we now make more money than we both ever have in our lives, we still live a simple life.

We both still own one backpack each and eat street food on a daily basis. 

We go on weekly treks, and will readily hop on long bus rides to get to destinations in the middle of nowhere. 
Our passion is to travel and explore. 

Blogging has allowed us to do this every single day…allowing us to create and live that dream life that we’ve always wanted.

This type of freedom and the lifestyle we were able to build is why we will continue to work and grow our blog.

Our mission now with the Blogging Fast Lane is to help others build successful blogs, so they too can create and live their dream life.

See you in the Fast Lane!

- Anna & Tom

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