Grow Your Following and Explode Your Income Through Blogging 
... Following Exactly What We Did!
Are you tired of pouring long hours into your blog without seeing any results? Join us in the Blogging Fast Lane as we show you the exact tips and strategies that we used to turn our blog into a six-figure business in a little over two years.
Grow Your Following and Explode Your Income Through Blogging 
... Following Exactly What We Did!
Are you tired of pouring long hours into your blog without seeing any results? Join us in the Blogging Fast Lane as we show you the exact tips and strategies that we used to monetize our blog and turn it into a six-figure business in a little over two years.
Blogging is Easy…Said No One Ever!
Building a successful blog isn’t easy. In fact, it took us years of trial and error, reading tons of blogging related articles, plus thousands of dollars on multiple courses just to figure things out. 

When we first started blogging, we didn’t know HOW to make money. Our page views were growing but our income wasn’t. Every day, we spent countless hours “doing all the right things”. We were writing good content, engaging on social media, and were trying our best to monetize articles that were doing well.

We were feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged!

At that time, although we had full-time jobs, we wanted to start making some money from our blog but had no idea where to start and what to focus on.

Is this something you can relate to? If yes, keep on reading...

We’re Here For You
Determined more than ever to figure out how to build a successful blog, we dove straight in and came up with a strategy that helped accelerate our blog into a money making business. 

Eager to help others avoid the countless mistakes that we made, we vowed to help as many people as we can by sharing the EXACT roadmap that we followed to create multiple revenue streams for our blog.
WHY are we doing this?
Blogging has changed our lives and given us the freedom to travel full time and work from anywhere in the world. 

We want to see others succeed in this industry and experience the same level of freedom that blogging has given us. 

This is WHY we’re revealing the tried and tested strategies that we discovered on our journey to building a 6-figure blog.
The Road Map to Building a Successful Blog is Now Here
This course will be a game changer for you.
Before we tell you more about our Blogging Fast Lane Journey, we have a few questions to ask you:
 Are you struggling on what to focus on to grow your blogging income?
 Are you tired of working hard without seeing any increase in your pageviews?
 Do you want to know how to land killer brand sponsorships and press trips through your blog?
 Do you want to start making a full time income from your blog?
 Do you want to know how to grow, monetize, and automate your blog without spending hours behind a computer screen?
If you answered yes to 1 (or to all) of these questions, then we have some exciting news for you!

In a little over two and a half years, we managed to grow our blog to half a million pageviews per month and start generating five figures per month. 

But you can get there in HALF THE TIME!

You see, when we first started blogging, we answered yes to all of the questions above but still ended up making a few mistakes along the way.
The below graph shows our blogs monthy revenue since we started...
Mistake # 1: We spent the first year of blogging WASTING TIME, making all the mistakes new bloggers do. 
During that year, we wrote tons of content and spent a lot of time on social media. Despite all our efforts, although our traffic was growing (slowly), our income wasn’t.

Sure, we were making money from sponsored posts and brand partnerships, the money just wasn’t consistent. 

We constantly felt overwhelmed trying to be good at everything and honestly felt like we were in a hamster wheel going around and around. 
Mistake # 2: We didn’t invest in OURSELVES because we thought we could learn it all…
Instead of seeking a mentor or doing a course, we tried learning everything ourselves which cost us a lot of time and money in the end.

I hate to think how much money we left on the table by not investing in ourselves!

We joined facebook groups, read articles, and spent loads of time researching and trying to teach ourselves. We tried our hand in affiliate marketing and tried our best to understand SEO but basically had no idea where to focus our time.
Our AHA Moment
Determined to create a successful blog, we threw ourselves in and learned as much about blogging and how to make money from it.
 We moved around in Digital Nomad hot spots and found mentors to train us in SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and sales funnels. We took courses to help us grow our email list. 

We experimented with affiliate marketing until we found a solid strategy that worked. We worked hard to grow our pageviews and passive income by creating multiple revenue streams.

After an intense year or so of learning, our blog started growing, and it started growing fast

Soon, we realized that we had created a powerful money making blog that was consistently bringing good money. Compared to other bloggers who have been husting away for years, we accelerated our blog growth to the Fast Lane thanks to the strategies that we applied.

A few blogging friends approached us to ask for tips and all of them said similar things:
“ I can’t believe you guys are now making five figures a month from your blog- it took us five years to get to where we are now!”

“How did you reach 500,000 page views in two years? I have a quarter of that and my blog has been running for almost seven years.”
We also looked at a few of the courses available out there and realized that everyone was teaching the same basic things but were not really sharing specific strategies on how to monetize and actually make money from your blog.

This was when we realized that we could help SO MANY people just like you cut through the noise and fast track their way to a money making blog, by sharing the exact strategies that we used. 
Compared to people who have been blogging for years, our success proves that you CAN build a successful blog, even if you’re new to the game. 
Despite being a young blog you can see below, screenshots from a few affiliates and our advertising partner, displaying commissions from just 2018 Q1 (3 month timeframe).
Please note: These screenshots do not include our revenues from products, brand partnerships and only represent 30% of the affiliates we work with. 
Today, our blog Adventure in You is one of the top 20 travel blogs in the world and has given us the freedom to spend every day doing something that we love. 

Passionate about helping others, we spent countless hours creating the Blogging Fast Lane, a jam packed course designed to help bloggers grow and monetize their blogs.
What Others Are Saying...
Don't Just Take Our Word For It That Our Content Is Good. Fast Lane Bloggers Are Saying...
Enter The Blogging Fast Lane
Here’s what you get when you enroll today.
This isn’t just another blogging course with generic videos and general blogging advice. This in-depth course includes a monthly roadmap featuring EXACTLY what you need to do to grow a successful blog with multiple revenue streams. 

The Blogging Fast Lane students will receive 4 modules, with each module being two weeks long with the exception of Module 4 which is one week long.

These modules are designed to give you the framework needed to complete each step of the Blogging Fast Lane Roadmap.

The framework needed can be summarised into one word... Yes, you guessed it. FAST!
The 4 Blogging Fast Lane Modules
In One Sentence You Will...
Learn the skills to create a successful brand, explode your following, monetize your blog (fast) and finally, automate processes that will save you so much time.
At a Glance You Will Get...
Actionable Lessons + FUTURE COURSE UPDATES
$1,499 Value
Work your way through our seven week course, full of actionable lessons, video modules, and workbooks.
Private FB Mastermind Group
$599 Value
Receive personalized support from us throughout the course through a private Facebook™ mastermind group, together with other bloggers who you can network and grow with.
Fast Lane Road Map
(Valued On How Much Time it Will Save You)
Follow our tried and tested road map for success, carefully taking you through all the essential steps in building a money making blog.
start making serious money blogging today!
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Curious to see if the Blogging Fast Lane is The Right Fit For You?
Who is This Course For?
Whether you’re a beginner blogger who wants to start their blogging journey the right way or someone who has been blogging for a while but struggling with how to monetize, this course will help you refine your message, build a strong brand, and grow a consistent following. 

More importantly, the Blogging Fast Lane Course will help you create a solid monetization strategy to help you build a successful blog that has multiple revenue streams. 

⏰ This course was designed for you to do in your own time
Although we have a prescribed time schedule and suggested road map, we understand that not everyone can blog full time which is we created this course in weekly lessons with easy actionable tips, which you can implement right away.

if you're making $0 from your blog
If you are just about to get started in the world of blogging and making money, this course will save you so much time (and will also put you a head above the rest!). We will help you set a solid foundation for your blog that will help gain sponsorships and help you reach your first $500 in no time.
if you're making less than $1000 per month from your blog
If you are a blogger making less than $100 a month, the Blogging Fast Lane is jam packed with crucial strategies and tips to help increase your blogging income and traffic two fold! Follow our detailed website audit to see if you are maximizing your content and implementing the correct monetization techniques for your niche.
if you're making less than $2000 per month from your blog 
If you are already earning a sizable income from your blog, chances are, you just need the right strategies to help you take it to the next level. Find out the steps we took to start earning a consistent full time income from blogging.
if you're currently working full time
If you are currently working full time, this course is perfect for you as you can work on it in your own time. Plus, you can still benefit from the Fast Lane road map and use your free time wisely!
if you're currently traveling
We built our blog, Adventure In You, while traveling so we know what it's like! That being said, we designed the Blogging Fast Lane course to be easy to work through, even if you are on the road.
if you're currently working part time
If you are currently working part time and want to make extra money for holidays, a new car, a boat (why not?) or to be able to leave your current job then you are in the right place. Get in the Fast Lane and make your dreams a reality.
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Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside The Fast Lane!
Start here
What to Expect and The Fast Lane Framework
 How to Navigate the Fast Lane
 Access to 5 Day Start a Blog Bootcamp for New Bloggers
 Invitation to Private Facebook MasterMind Group
 Access to the Blogging Fast Lane Roadmap
Module 1 - F.
The Fast lane Foundation
Week 1: Blogging Foundations
 Module 1 Overview
 Finding Your Superpower and Getting in Your Flow
 Creating a Positioning Statement for your Blog
 Why Niche Down and How to Successfully Monetize Your Niche
 Goals, Mindset, & Accountability
The Fast Lane Blog Audit
 Creating a Blogging Fast Lane Business Plan
 Blogging Fast Lane Glossary
 Week 1 Resources
Week 2: Photography, Videography and Your Blog’s Overall Brand
 Nailing Your Brand
 Your Blog's Imagery: A Few Do's and Don'ts
 Photography Tips to Help You Level Up Your Photo Game
 How We Edit Our Photos Using Adobe Lightroom
 Videography Tips and Tricks
 How to Use Video to Grow Your Following
 Blogger Branding Analysis and Owning Your Strengths
 Week 2 Resources
Module 2 - A.
Amplify Your following
Week 3: Creating Killer Content & SEO Basics
 Module 2 Overview
 SEO You Can Understand
 The Power of Keyword Research
 How to do FAST Key Word Research 
 How to Optimize Your Posts with On-Page SEO Tips 
 Technical SEO Made Easy
 Creating Engaging Content (Add Value, Get Personal, Get Actionable)
 SECRET: How to Produce Content That Will Go Viral and Bring in 1000's of Hits a Month
 Why You Need a Content Calendar and How to Create One
 Link Building
 How to Guest Post like a Boss
 How to Audit Your Website Traffic So You Can Focus on What Works
 Coming Up With an SEO Strategy for Your Blog
 Week 3 Resources
Week 4: Social Media, Traffic Hacks & Email Lists
 Tips on How to Grow Your Social Media Channels (Without Losing Your Mind)
 Growing Your Instagram Account
 Hacks to Help You Beat Facebooks Algorithm
 Everything You Need to Know to Explode Your Traffic Using Pinterest
 Using Tailwind to Exponentially Grow Your Pinterest
 Creating a Social Strategy that works for YOU
 How to Get Press to Drive You More Traffic (Plus Build Credibility)
 The Power of Email Lists
 Which Email Provider To Use (A Full Comparison Walk-Through)
 How to Create Awesome Lead Magnets
 Creating a Lead Magnet Walk-Through
 Broadcast vs Automation
 Creating a Broadcast Walk-Through
 Creating an Automation Walk-Through
 SECRET: How We Grew Our Email List from 0-10,000 Organically Fast
 Week 4 Resources
Module 3 - $.
the fast lane Funnel monetization strategy
Week 5: Monetizing Your Blog The Fast Lane Way Part 1
 Module 3 Overview
 Money Mindset
 Why Fast Lane Bloggers Use Funnels
 Deciding Which Funnel to Implement
 How to Correctly Implement Funnels On Your Blog
 Funnel Builders Comparison Review
 The FREE Funnel Book That Will Change Your Life
 Affiliate Marketing 101
 Understanding the Consumer Mindset
 Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing & How to Increase Conversions
 How to Use Email Marketing and Funnels to Explode Your Affiliate Income (Part 1)
 How to Use Email Marketing and Funnels to Explode Your Affiliate Income (Part 2)
 How to Create a High Value Affiliate Funnel
 Product Creation for Fast Lane Bloggers
 Platforms and Tools to Help You Create and Sell Your Product
 How to Use Email Marketing and Funnels to Explode Your Product Income 
 How to Create a Product Sales Funnel
 SECRET: The Secret Sauce to Making More Money With Your Products and Increasing Your LTV
 Week 5 Resources
Week 6: Monetizing Your Blog The Fast Lane Way Part 2
 Monetizing Your Blog Through Ads 
 Making Money Through Brand Partnerships
 How to Create a Killer Media Kit
 How to Land and Make Money from Press Trips
 Everything You Need to Know About Making Money from Sponsored Posts
 SECRET: How We Create Case Studies to Get Ongoing Long Term Partnerships
 Using Your Blog as an Online Freelancer Portfolio
 Blogger Hacking: Taking a Look at How Other Bloggers Make Good Money
 Week 6 Resources
Module 4 - T.
Managing your time to scale successfully
Week 7: Mastering Time So You Can Grow FAST
 Module 4 Overview
 Why You Need to Use Scheduling Tools and How to Use Them
 SECRET: How to Blog Like a Boss Even if You Have a Full Time Job
 Using Asana for Organization
 Using Pipedrive to Sell Like a Pro
 Email Hacks to Increase Productivity
 How to Find and Utilize a VA
 Week 7 Resources
Bonus 1
Extra Bonus Module
The Business of Blogging
Week 8: The Business of Blogging
 How to Get Paid as a Blogger
 Basic Blog Accounting and Tools to Use
 Bonus Resources (Workbooks, Templates and More!)
 Blogging Fast Lane Wrap Up
Bonus 2
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In Case You Were Wondering…
Let Us Introduce Ourselves
Hi. We’re Tom and Anna, the founders of Adventure in You, one of the largest adventure travel blogs in the world.

Since we started blogging in 2015, we’ve grown our blog to a global brand that now makes six figures a year. Our blog is ranked as one of the top 20 travel blogs in the world and has been featured in large publications like Forbes,, Business Insider and more.

Unlike other blogger courses out there, our main source of income is our actual blog (and not teaching others how to blog!). Despite focusing our time on creating this Blogging Fast Lane course, we are still actively growing our blog's revenue streams as we continue to build a strong brand for Adventure in You.
(Pssst, click play below)
Traveling is our first love (and blogging comes as a close second) so if you can’t find us online, we’re probably out on an epic adventure somewhere or hopping around digital nomad hotspots, speaking about blogging and our other online ventures.

Starting a blog changes our lives. It allowed us to pursue our passions, grow our skills, and make money from doing something that we love. Most of all, it has provided us with the chance to help others do the same. We are excited for you to join us in this course to help you build a money making blog.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the course?
This is a seven-week course, but naturally, you can work at your own pace. We do recommend completing it in the time frame given as this coincides with the blogging roadmap that we designed.
How long do I have access to the Blogging Fast Lane Course?
Who said forever wasn’t a thing? With us, you have lifetime access to the course which includes all course content and private Facebook support group.
What if I am not satisfied with the course?
We spent a lot of time and effort creating this course so we are confident that it will make an impact on your blogging journey. If you are not satisfied with the course, please follow the terms and conditions on our refund policy and let us know within 14 days. We will then give you 100% of your money back
How is the course content delivered?
The Blogging Fast Lane course is a combination of both videos and text-based lessons which is taught through PDFs, tutorials, and worksheets. When you register, you will get access to the members only area where you can view the course at your own time.
Can I become an affiliate for this course?
We thought you would never ask! As a graduate of our Blogging Fast Lane course, you can instantly join our affiliate program and recommend this course to other bloggers. We give you 30% of the full price, which means with just 2 referrals, you would have made your investment back!
How can I pay?
We accept payments through card. All payments are processed securely through our partners Stripe.
Pssst. Are you still thinking about if this course is for you? Here's a free glimpse into one of our favorite lessons from the Blogging Fast Lane to help you decide...
SECRET: How We Use Automated Email Marketing to Explode Our Product & Affiliate Revenue
Imagine other videos and content just like this. That is what you can have inside the Blogging Fast Lane!
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